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I am a Christian Ethicist, Economist and Engineer

           I am first and foremost a servant of Jesus Christ and an ordained minister of the Gospel. The Lord has called to serve the body of Christ through teaching, writing and speaking.Currently, I serve as an Associate Professor of Philosophy Politics and Economics at Criswell College in Dallas Texas. Before this, I served as a professor of ethics and philosophy at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary from 2002-2014. I taught economics at the University of Texas in Arlington from 2011- 2012.  I am an expert in Christian ethics and public policy.

         In addition to my teaching, I serve as a senior fellow for the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation. I also served as a research fellow for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention from 2005-2014.  Finally, I am the author of two books and numerous articles.                                                                                                                                            

Public Policy

           I have extensive public policy knowledge and experience. As a result, I have served as a Research Fellow for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commisssion of the Southern Baptist Convention from 2005-2014. As such, I have testified before the Congressional House Oversight Committee on  February 16, 2012. In addition, I have testified before the Texas House and Senate, as well as the Louisiana House of representatives. I am currently pursuing a PhD (ABD) in public administration at the University of Texas in Arlington. My education and experience  provide me with expertise in many aspects of public policy

Public Service

            I am a reserve United States Air Force officer and engineer who attained the rank of major while testing aircraft and spacecraft. While living in the City of Lompoc, California I served as an airport commissioner. I have also worked with the Fort Worth, Texas, Police Department to establish an ethics training program.                     

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